Grants 2015-2016

Hamilton School

Jodi Champagne for “Using Ipads to Enhance RTL”

Jan Jepson for “General Education Handwriting Support”

Pam Oliver for “Bringing an Outdated Listening Center into the 21st Century”

Murphy School

Lynn Howard for “Hands-On Science and STEM

Nash School

Linda Casserly and Kerry DaCosta for “STEM Science”

Candace Meech for “Bridging the Gap-Education and Communication Through ASL Games”

Pingree School

Doreen Kennedy for “Materials to Support Remedial Readers”

Ralph Talbot School

Jennifer D’Ambria for “Chromebooks”

Mattia Semedo for “Chromebooks”

Susan Thorley for “Chromebooks”

Seach School

Kathleen Factor, Debbie Karlberg, Kerrianne Karlberg, Kristen Manfredi, Phyllis O’Connell and Kristen Ondrick for “Tools to Enhance Learning and Attention”

Wessagusset School

Nicole Bradley for “One Minute Wonder-Elmo”

Joan Fitzpatrick for “Beginning Reading Books and Poems”

Lindsey Fratolillo, Sarabeth Kelly and Beth Manuel for “Learning Life Lessons”

Abigail Adams Middle School

Lynn Bennett and Jennifer Kirby for “Preparing Struggling Readers for PARCC with Scholastic Magazines”

Josephine Bottari for “Life Drawing and Plein Air Drawing”

Barbara Bykowski for “Graphically Reading”

Patricia Goodwin and Anne Marie Tranfiglio for “Chromebooks for Intervention”

Amy Herlihy for “Elmo in the Classroom”

John Mullaney and Timothy Lane for “Weymouth Leads-Inspiring Students to Become Leaders and Live a Substance-Free Life”

John Mullaney for “Adams Health Garden”

Donald Norton for “Elmo in the Classroom”

Chapman Middle School

Jennifer Lore for “STEM Investigations in Weather and Climate and Astronomy”

Weymouth High School

Christine Brasacchio for “DNA and Protein Synthesis Kit”

Jonathon Byrne for “Wildcat Weather Center”

Maria Carr for “Curriculum and Group Materials for Our Most Vulnerable Students”

Sara Coughlin for “Novel of Suicide Prevention/Coping with Depression and Anxiety”

Daniel Eggars, Teresa Marx, Joseph Patmos and John Waggena for “Vernier Data Loggers for Chemistry Laboratories”

Meliss Faulkner for “Forensic Anthropology-Analyzing Skeletal Remains”

Jessica Flaherty for “Endangered Turtle Project”

Jane Kirsch for “Building Strong Hearts”

Kathleen McDonald for “Electronic Readers for Students with Learning Disabilities”