Grants 2016-2017

Joyce McDonough, Chapman Middle School
“Improving Literacy through Novels”

John Pinizotto, Weymouth High School
“Imaging the Universe Like the Pros”

Susan Soulia, Speech Therapist
“Improving Social Communication Outcomes for Students with High Functioning Autism”

Jean Rouzaut, Deb Davis,and Jennifer D’Ambria, Ralph Talbot School
“Roaring to the Top”

Janet Adduci, Abigail Adams Middle School
“Abigail Adams Permanent Art Gallery”

Kerrianne Karlberg, Seach School
“Being a Social Thinker Makes a Better Tomorrow”

Donna Beath, Nash and Hamilton Schools
“Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program”

Teresa Marx, John Waggener, Daniel Eggers, Joseph Patmos, Weymouth High School
“Chemistry Labs in the Digital Age”

Jennifer Butts, Ralph Talbot School
“Board Maker CD for Windows”

Jonathan Byrne, Weymouth High School
“Weather Station and Whiteboards”

Sarah Coughlin, Weymouth High School
“Motivating Relunctant Readers with Non-Fiction and Current Events”

Lynn Howard, Murphy School
“Coding and Robotics with Dash and Dot Robots”

Jennifer Fuller, Taryn Long, Tracy Tumbleson, Seach School
“Kindergarten Science/Stem Connection for School and Home”

Lynn Bennett, Abigail Adams School
“Reaching All Readers with Magazines”

Patrick J. Ricardo, Murphy School
“Learn to Move, Move to Learn”

Diane Walker, Ralph Talbot School
“Dot and Dash Intro to Coding”

Josephine Bottari, Abigail Adams School
“Figure Drawing”

Traci Maki and Ryan Mitchell, Chapman School
“Revamping the Gym”