Grants 2017-2018

1. Jane Kirsch
“Circle Time Makeover” Early Childhood Center (WHS)

2. Jennifer Fuller, Taryn Long, Tracy Tumbleson
“Kindergarten Science Connection for School and Home” Seach

3. Virginia Hershman
“Social Thinking and Me” Hamilton

4. Sarah Nantel
“Adams Garden Project” Abigail Adams

5. Jonathan Forest Byrne
“Carbon Dioxide Sensor and Student White Board Materials” WHS

6. Douglas Kirby
“Graphing Calculators” Chapman

7. Sarah Coughlin
“Motivating Reluctant Readers with Non-Fiction & Current Events” WHS

8. Lindsey Fratolillo
“Hands on STEM Learning Kits” Wessagusset

9. Michael Richard
“Comets and Discovery” WHS Planetarium

10. Sarah Crossman, Nichole Hefferon
“Social Problem Solvers Curriculum” Wessagusset/Pingree

11. Heike Tuplin
“Spreading the PBIS Spirit” Academy Ave.

12. Traci Maki, Ryan Mitchell
“Enhancing our PE Curriculum to Offer More Real Life Exercise Options to Reach All Children” Chapman .

13. Diane Belmonte
“Learning with Legos in the Next Generation” Academy Ave.

14. Jan Jepson
“STEMastic Construction Toys for Primary Children” Hamilton/Academy Ave.

15. Deborah Davis
“Resources for Ralph Talbot” Ralph Talbot

16. Maggie Murphy
“Read, Read Some More, Read Again” Johnson

17. Linda Casserly
“Rekenreks for Number Sense” Nash

18. Donna Beath
“Awesome Articulation: Increasing Intelligibility through an Evidence-Based Program” Hamilton/Talbot

19. Laura Marino
“PBS Materials-Positive Behavior Supports” Johnson

20. Kristen Manfredi
“Keyboarding Skills for 21st Century” Nash/Pingree
21. Amy Carroll
“Universal Design Using an ELMO Document Camera” Seach

22. Lisa Corcoran
“Enrichment Resources” Chapman

23. Joseph Wilkins, Kathryn Holte
“Making Computer Science Fun through the Use of Tablets” WHS
24. Josephine Bottari
“Student Art Gallery” Abigail Adams

25. Tammie Stone
“Scholastic Magazines for Scholars” WHS

26. Alysia Roberts
“Memoir Library” WHS

27. Ellen Birolini, Rachel Cocozza
“Battle of the Books” Abigail Adams

28. Maria Carr, Ginny Disauto, Brendan Sullivan, Mark Kawalski, Marybeth Tarpey, Sarah Wheatley, Cathleen Cunnigham
“Skills for a Better Future” WHS