Grant Application

The Weymouth Educational Foundation has been awarding grants to teachers since 1997. These grants have benefited every public school, and cover a wide variety of projects and subject matter.

< Grant Criteria
1. Consideration is given for programs based on their long-term use of materials, enrichment of existing programs and innovative, creative and educational value.
2. Grants for staff development, office supplies, snacks, furniture or electronics will not be considered.
3. Equipment, supplies or programs cannot be changed once grants have been awarded without consideration from the Grant Committee.
4. All reusable materials and equipment are to be retained by the Weymouth Public Schools.
5. Projects begun during the school year prior to the awarding of grants are eligible for consideration, but have no guarantee of reward.

Reimbursement Guidelines
1. One half of the awarded grant will be presented to the grant recipient at the grants ceremony.
2. To receive reimbursement of the remainder of your grant, a reimbursement form and all receipts including packing slips and invoices, must be received no later than April 30. Please note that reimbursements are make throughout the school year as receipts and reimbursement forms are received and reviewed by the committee. Please return your paperwork as soon as possible so we may reimburse you in a timely fashion.
3. Grant items used need not to be purchased through educational catalogs; you may purchase items wherever you feel that you will get the most for your grant.


WEF Application Number______(To be filled in by the Grant Committee)

Please make 3 copies of the application**
Typed or printed clearly

Grade Level (s):____________________________________________________
Project Title:________________________________________________________
Amount requested:____________________________________________________
Mailing Address:______________________________________________________
Home Phone:_________________________ Work Phone:____________________

REQUIRED INFORMATION: (Please answer the following on a separate sheet)

1. Describe the proposed project in detail and indicate its relevance to the current Weymouth curriculum. Please explain:
• How the project will enrich existing programs or possibly create new programs.
• What specific activities and goals will become possible through this grant request?
• Show or give examples of materials requested.
2. Will this project be completed during this school year or will it extend into future school years?